Old people vs. Young(er) people

For as long as I can remember, i’ve been taught to greet old(er) people. However, what i’ve noticed is that I very rarely get a response.

Here’s the thing. If someone greets me, i greet them back. If you run in to me on the streets and say hello, you can be sure to get a hello or a good morning/afternoon/evening back. Why is it that old people don’t say anything back ?

I figure it’s one of the following things:

1. Media

For many years, traditional media like TV and Newspapers gave young people a bad image. Which makes them scared to answer me, probably thinking i’ll mug them if they answer me.

2. Society

Maybe it’s just that people aren’t used to people greeting them and don’t know how to respond anymore. That would be very bad thing, yet not completely unrealistic.

Regardless, I still think you should reply if someone greets you. Doesn’t matter who greets you. Do it, it gets you respect and some much-neeeded street-cred.

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One Response to Old people vs. Young(er) people

  1. Sophie says:

    I grew up in a tiny hamlet of about 500 people – everyone knew eachother and always stopped to say hello and chat in the street. As a result I learnt to greet everybody, whether I knew them or not – it was just that sort of friendly community! Imagine my surprise when I moved to a capital city for university, where I didn’t know anyone and nobody said hello in the street – Man, am I glad to be home!
    Very interesting post. I really hope that people do not ‘forget’ (or indeed that the next generation do not learn) how to greet eachother.

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