Too much stuff ?

Using the i’m moving to a new house excuse, i’m making an effort to get organized. I’m failing, so i’ve decided to write about it. Might help, you never know. I hear good things about this internet-thing, so it’s worth a shot.

It has become painfully obvious that – over the last 2 years – i haven’t been paying attention when filing stuff. Now i need to decide what to do. Here’s the options I have:

1. Save everything

This is the worst of the options. The only positive thing about choosing this, is the thought that if I need something, I know i still have it, although I probably won’t be able to find it.

2. Pick a date

When I choose this, I need to come up with a certain point in time and get rid of everything older than the time I picked.

3. The ‘did I use this in the last six months’ method

This one’s easy. For everything I own, check if I used it in the last six months. If I haven’t, get rid of it.

4. Digitize

This would mean that I would scan all papers to my computer and get rid of the paper. Personally, I like this one, but it does sound like a lot of work.

5. Start over

This is the easiest to execute. Get a big trash bag and shove everything that’ll fit in a bag in there and throw it out.

My biggest fear is that, once I get rid of stuff, I’ll need it the next day. Which is BS, I know. Most of the stuff I have in my room I haven’t touched in quite a while, maybe just to pit it somewhere else because it was in my way.

So, Internet, I need your help ! Which of these options should I pick? What would you do if you’d find yourself in a similar situation ?

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