Shopping spree

OMG !! Just got back from doing some shopping for the new house. Spent about 2000 euro in about an hour and a half. That shit is scary !! I made a list (thanks to my OCD, about 50 times 😐 ) to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything. Here’s the list:

– laminated floor
– fridge
– washing-machine / dryer
– bed (double, 160×200 or 180×200 )

So, by getting all this stuff, I’m pretty much done. But still, last time I spent more than 750 euro in one day was 4 years ago..

So, tomorrow is going to be a big day. My floor is being delivered, so I can start putting that in. Also, all my stuff has to be moved from my current house to my new house. For now, everything is going to the basement, until I’m finished putting the floor in.

This is going to be interesting…

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One Response to Shopping spree

  1. abby says:

    Oh, that’s definitely a lot of money, but it seems like it’s for a good cause. You’re going to appreciate all of that since it’ll be there in the long run. Good luck with the move! 😀

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