365 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

Day 1 of the 365 day challenge 😀 here we go:

What do i hope to achieve in the next year?
Well, i hope to achieve a lot of things in the next year, but 2 things stand out:
1. Discipline
I have the tendency to be a lazy bastard. Doing a post every day for a whole year will let me train myself to actually have the discipline to get this done every single day. Developing this discipline will (hopefully) help me in other parts of my daily life as well.

2. Friendship
What i’ve learned about bloggers so far (i’m fairly new to this game) is they’re wonderful people with incredible story’s and knowledge. By the end of this, i hope to be able to call some of them friends.

What are my dreams for this year?

I kind of stopped dreaming up plans, because it usually ends in disappointment. I have some plans, but i stopped dreaming up any big plans for now. But who knows, things can change in the blink of an eye.

What are my plans ?

Most of my plans involve travelling. A couple of things on my travelling bucket list for this year are:

1. Fosdem. This is an annual conference about open-source software and developement (major geek-alert!). I’ve been here twice before and it’s always been very useful and a lot of fun.

2. Vidcon. Most of you will probably know this, but it’s a major conference in the US about online video.  Having been on  youtube for a while now, i’d like to meet some of the people i watch online. And some of the people who participated in #VEDA will most likely be there too and i can’t wait to meet them !

What do i look like ?

Last thing on the agenda today is to post of picture of myself. I apologize in advance if  break your screen with my unattractiveness 😉


That’s it for my first post in the challenge ! See you tomorrow !

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