365 Day Challenge: Day 2

Something that’s illegal but you think it should be legal

I thought this would be easy, but it’s not. Most things that are illegal, are just that for a good reason. It took me a while to think of something good for today’s prompt. But here goes:

Smoking in public buildings.

So, just to be clear on this, I don’t smoke. I know that second hand smoking can be very bad for you. However, i’m also a firm believer of Freedom of Choice.  I think someone should decide for him- or herself wether to smoke or not. And decide where to smoke.

Personally, i prefer when people smoke outside and not at or near the entrance of a building, so i can pass without inhaling the smoke. My house has a non-smoking policy. However, my house is personal property, so i get to make the rules.

However, in a public building, things are different. I don’t make the rules there, neither does the person walking in after me. I expect people to respect me and my habits while i’m there, so that means i have respect others too. Smoking is one of those things. It’s not my thing to tell others not to smoke. It’s their choice. If you lose your Freedom of Choice, you lose everything.























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