365 Day Challenge: Day 4

Describe your favorite Books

To be honest, i’m not a big book-reader. I can’t seem to focus long enough to properly read a book. However, i have managed to read a couple of books (partially) recently. But instead of telling you about those books, i’m telling you about what i look for in a book and in an author.

For me, the person writing the book is just as – if not more – important as the book itself. I believe an author should be accessible. He or she should be up for interacting with the readers. For example, have (and use) a twitter account. People who think they’re too good for things like this can suck it. If you’re a horrible person, i won’t read your book(s). It’s that simple.

Now that the author passed this test, it’s time for the book.

First things first, don’t make the language too simple. You’re not talking to a kid, your readers are adults. Treat them that way.

For the sake of this blog-post, i’m going to assume the story is good. However, be extremely careful when getting translations done. Bad translations can really mess up a story.

That concludes my things-i-get-annoyed-at in books 🙂 See you tomorrow !

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