365 Day Challenge: Day 5

Warning: This post might contain some miss-world-ish comments :p

Day 5: Something you would change about the world 

That’s easy. Less violence. And the way I accomplish this, is by being friendly to people. I’ve noticed a certain distance between people. I’ve written a post about this a while back.

When i walk outside, i greet people. Some people don’t even know how to respond. Old people look at me like i’m trying to rob them or something. That’s stupid ! However, i’m not giving up. If someone greets you, just say Hi. It won’t hurt.


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One Response to 365 Day Challenge: Day 5

  1. Yvonne says:

    It amazes me constantly how less friendly the real world is than my island. I live in Cape Breton& I’m pretty sure people visit here just to be reminded how nice it is to run into genuinely friendly people! Seriously. Good for you for trying to be friendly ..it makes a huge difference 🙂

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