365 Day Challenge: Day 6

What’s one thing you’d like to change about yourself? 

My weight. I’d like to lose at least 20 kilos (44 lbs) in the next year. Until i was about 12 years old, i could eat whatever i wanted and wouldn’t gain a single pound. Then puberty hit. I’m not sure that’s the cause of my renewed metabolism, but it sure as hell didn’t help.  At some point i decided i should cut down on my eating. Which is when i gained most of my weight.

I did some dieting over the years, but most of those just made me sick. Same goes for exercise. Last time i was at a gym, the personal trainer (i got one to make sure i wouldn’t mess up) pushed me so far i threw up and almost passed out.

However, i’ve decided to make an effort to leave the negativity behind me and make a fresh start. I’m doing this by going cycling on a regular basis and walking to stores and stuff instead of taking the bus. Also, i’m eating less junk-food and drinking less soda. Not sure if it will help, but at least i’m trying. Which counts for something too, right ?

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