365 Day Challenge: Day 7

Have you had to overcome any unusual Obstacles or Hardships (e.g., economic, familial, physical)? 

Oh yes, plenty. I think everyone who is my age will have had to overcome a number of things. I’m going to single out a couple of them, which had the biggest impact on my life.

1. Relatives getting sick/dying. 

So, if you look down my family tree, it’s not a very good sight. Actually, i can’t name anyone within the family over the age of 20 who is healthy. Both on my father- and on my mother’s side, cancer is a big thing. The latest person to fall victim to this is my uncle, at the age of 42. This has made me extremely touchy about people using this disease as a curse word.

My father has Parkinson’s disease. Thank goodness this isn’t something that will kill him any time soon, but it does mean that as he grows older, his condition gets worse. He is still able to work part-time, but we’re starting to notice that he’s getting worse. I worry about this pretty much all the time.

My mother suffers from major depressions. She isn’t suicidal or anything, but her depression keeps her from doing a lot of the things she used to like, because she is afraid of how people will respond.

Now, before you start, on a happier note, I realize that i’m extremely fortunate that both my parents are still around. I’m thankful for that every single day.  I get to see and talk to them whenever i want and they’re always there to help me, to the best of their abilities.

2. My Business

A couple of years ago, me and a friend of mine had the wonderful idea to start our own business. Since we were both tech-geeks, we decided to start a webhosting-business.

The company grew quite fast, in hindsight, maybe too fast. We decided to take on a bank loan and agreed on what would happen in the event of trouble.

Fast forward one year. My business partner (lets call him ‘A’ ) got sick. Quite severely actually. He started blaming the company for his illness. I know the real reasons why he got sick, but i think he was just looking for a way out. The thing is, all the work he was supposed to do piled up. It was just me and because of the crazy hours i was putting in, i was getting to the point of burn-out.

So, i consulted a doctor, talked to the people around me i knew i could trust, and kicked ‘A’ ‘s sorry ass out of the company. However, this posed an unexpected problem. Because the stuff we agreed on about the bank loan only applied to him leaving the business himself. Which meant i was stuck with the entire bank-loan. Which, to put it lightly, SUCKED. (sorry for the caps, but i felt they were justified 🙂 )

To cut this story short (i think i’ve been boring for long enough now), everything ended up ok in the end. He agreed not to sue me and the company, i payed off most of the loan and the pieces of the company that were still viable got sold. I didn’t make any money in the end and am still paying off a bit of the loan with a monthly payment, but i believe this is ok. I might sound like i got a raw deal, but going to court would have cost me a lot more money. And, i learned a lot in that time. A few valuable life-lessons were learned in those years.  So i’m good 🙂

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One Response to 365 Day Challenge: Day 7

  1. Amber says:

    Hey Edwin 🙂 sorry to hear about some of the hardships that you have had/are dealing with in your life. The cancer/health scare is a big one for me as well. My mom suffers from depression
    l, and has had her bouts with cancer. There is cancer all around my family tree. I think this is why I am such a health nut. It terrifies me. But I guess fear is a pretty good motivator? lol

    You are right about all of these things helping you learn a lot though. They always suck at the time but it does make us who we are. Stay awesome 🙂

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