365 Day Challenge: 008/365

5 things that makes you absolutely sad

1. 9/11. Of course, in the week of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center in New York, this can’t be left out on this list. The world will never be the same after these attacks.

2. 9/11 tv coverage. I know i already mentioned the attacks, but something else about this makes me very sad. The entire week of TV has been full of documentary’s, specials, recaps and a bunch of other things. Just to be clear,  I’m not against making TV about the attacks, but why so much ? why so many different channels and programs ? I can’t help but think that there’s a lot of people trying to gain financial gain from this terrible tragedy. And that makes me very sad.

3. The EU. A little closer to home, the constant arguing within the EU is making me very sad. It’s not helping anyone, if you can’t work together, don’t get in an alliance. Especially one that controls a large part of your laws and economy.

4. Manners. So, i’ve mentioned this a couple of times before, but i felt i had to include it on this list as well. I’m noticing a pretty strong lack of manners in (mostly) young people. However, there’s also quite a lot of intolerance amongst other people. Influenced by the media and politicians telling you who not to trust, people build a wall around them. And that makes me very sad.

5. Price of plane tickets. Having to pay at least 100 euro to get across the border by plane makes me very sad. This severely interferes with my travel plans. For example, if i’d want to go to London, England, which is about a 45 min flight, just the tickets, without taxes and stuff is 150 euro. Including the taxes that’s about 200 euro. For a 45 minute trip ! That’s crazy !

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