365 Day Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Write something you have a strong belief in

This one’s easy for me.Free online music and movies.

Why? Because it gets the word out. If you’re in a band that’s just starting out, upload a couple of your songs to youtube or some music collection website and people from across the world will see and hear it. If they like it, they’ll come see your show (if possible) or buy your album on itunes or in stores. As an example, look at some of the big musicians on youtube. The ones who are starting the whole touring-thing are pulling big numbers to their shows. Most of those people are from their online fan-base.

For movies, the same thing applies. Put your demo’s, trailers, short films or other stuff online. People will look at it and tell you what they think. Yes, there will always be trolls messing up the comments to your stuff, but they are usually easy to pick out.  You need to be able to take some criticism, because most people will be VERY honest with you. But as a film-maker you can learn so much from the input of other people. Trying to protect your stuff by copyright and pay-walls keeps those people out.

People will buy your stuff. But not right away. Build a audience on- and offline by doing screenings and getting bloggers involved and it will pay off in the end.

Making people pay for your stuff at an early stage will force it underground. Work with the online community. Not against them.

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One Response to 365 Day Challenge: Day 14

  1. Kayleigh says:

    This is so true. I am subscribed to many singers/songwriters on youtube and they all have become famous via internet. A few of them are opening for well known bands and have even performed there own shows at events such as bonnaroo. YouTube and social media is probably the easiest way to get famous these days.

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