365 Day Challenge: Day 15

A song that makes you emotional and why?

There’s several dutch songs that make me very emotional. But because (due to the language barrier) you wouldn’t see why, i’m sticking to songs in English or by english musicians that make me emotional.

1. Candle in the wind by Elton John

I got to know this song when he played it at the funeral of Princess Diana. It made me cry back then and it still gets me all teary when i hear the song.

2. My Way by Herman Brood

This song always makes me very emotional because it was played at my granddad’s funeral a couple of years back.. I still miss him dearly and the song reminds me of him and the funeral.

3. Wanna be a hippy by Party Animals

This is quite an old song, but it makes me laugh very loudly everytime i hear the song. It also has a very catchy melody so it’s stuck in your head for a few days after listening to it.

4. Barbie girl by Aqua

This song only got into my emotional-list recently. It reminds me of happy times with a dear friend. I don’t get to see her as much as i’d like to, so if i feel sad, i just play this song and everything gets better šŸ™‚

5. Not an addict by K’s Choice

The song reminds me of friends lost to drugs and alcohol addiction and my own constant battle to stay on the right path. It’s complicated. But i love this song.


That’s it. My Top-5-songs-that-make-me-emotional-list. What’s yours ?

PS. The order of the list changes depending on my mood.

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