365 Day Challenge: Day 16

Someone you completely trust and why? 

My BFF. I’d put my life in her hands and i know i’d be OK. We both have our issues and akward things, but that’s one of many reasons i trust her completely.

We met a couple of years ago when the company she worked at at the time had computer-issues and i was called in to fix all of the issues. At that time, i didn’t know we would become friends, let alone BFF’s. A couple of weeks later i was back at that office for more issues and we got some coffee, because we were both working late. We got talking and found out we had quite a lot in common.

When she got in some trouble, i decided to help and take care of her and that strengthened our bond. We’ve been best friends ever since. I know she can relate to some of the stuff i’m struggling with and i can i can trust her with everything.

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