Old-Skool vs New-Skool

Hello There,

Nice of you to tune in to my blog. This month, i’m doing #NaBloPoMo, which means i’ll tryto post on my blog every single day in november.

Today’s prompt: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I use a computer. I very rarely use a pen, for various reasons:

1. My handwriting is terrible.

No, really, it is. Half the time i’m not even sure what it says when i’m reading something i wrote down earlier.

2. I’m going to digitize it anyway.

Everything i need to keep from writing anything goes into my computer so i keep a proper backup. So first writing it down with a pen just doubles the work. I can imagine that when phones weren’t a big thing yet, you’d write stuff down when you’re on the road or something, but with smartphones these days, it seems obsolete.

3. “The Black Hole”

so here’s the thing. I always carry at least three pens with me, in case the ink runs out on one or even two of them. But by the time i get home at night, it seems that all my pens have magically vanished. My phone or laptops never have that issue.

And last but certainly not least:

4. I don’t like writing with a pen

I just don’t like writing with a pen. It’s slow, inaccurate and – after a while – even painful. I hate it. Computers FTW !

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