Ten on Tuesday (Vol. 3)

It’s tuesday ! Which means it’s time for Ten on Tuesday, hosted once again by Chelsea at Roots and Rings

1. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or are you one of those perfect eyed people?

I’ve been wearing since i’ve been about 12.

2. What is the next item you are going to purchase?

Probably something to eat. If we’re talking bigger purchases, A Christmas Tree.

3. Have you ever watched Judge Judy or any other real court show?

I have. I wasn’t really impressed. I don’t think the justice system is something that should be exploited like this.

4. How do you feel about fake nails?

I don’t understand them. People clip their nails so they can glue longer nails on them. Just don’t clip them, you’ll get longer fingernails with a completely natural look 🙂

5. What is your favorite sport to watch?

I’m not really a sport personm but i like watching NBA basketball and table tennis.

6. If you could create your own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be named?

It’d be cheese and some sort of fruit. I’d call it ‘The Trap’ and have a guy called Tom do all of the promo work.

7. Do you have any scars?

Oh yes, plenty. Both from getting beat up when i was younger and from me being an idiot. And a few that you can’t see because they’re emotional scars.

8. Does your pet’s name fit them? Is there a more appropriate name?

I have an invisible dog (aka no pets), I call him Pete. I don’t know why, i just like the sound of that name.

9. What is your favorite television show theme song?

10. What was your favorite activity on the playground?

Digging. I’d make a complete mess of myself as soon as i went near the sand 🙂

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One Response to Ten on Tuesday (Vol. 3)

  1. I didn’t even bother to touch on my emotional scars. 😉

    I think Pete is a fine name for an invisible dog.

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