KROD: The Festive Edition

Hello everyone 🙂

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to get festive 😀 This month i’m participating in the Karaoke Ring Of Death, which is sort of a blogger exchange program for karaoke videos. If you want to see me (attempting to) sing, check out Kandace’s blog

I’m been very fortunate to be hosting the wonderful Carolina, who blogs at Carolina Thinks,

Without further delay, here´s Carolina´s wonderful video :


Now, if that didn’t get you in a festive and happy mood, i don’t know what will.

As a sidenote, Carolina is also part of the new #VodkaGirls collab channel. Be sure to check her out there too !


Happy holidays everyone !

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4 Responses to KROD: The Festive Edition

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  2. Jes says:

    Awesome video again girl! Love your choice of song!

  3. Katie says:

    Great job! You put a lot of personality into it.

  4. Tabs says:

    Great job! I used to love this song but it has been so overplayed this year… however, I still really like the Lady Antebellum version.

    Anyways, you rocked this!

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