Who am i ? I’m Edwin. I’m 27 years old (birthday May 16th)

I work as a systems administrator at a group of schools in my area. I live in Hilversum, in the Netherlands. I don’t like living in this country, but for now i’m unable to move abroad, so i’ve decided to make it as nice as i possibly can.

I’m an Apple fanboy. My primary computer is a MacBook from 2o07, which still works better than most computers which are sold as ‘new’ in stores today. For work i have a different laptop, but that’s rubbish. My phone is an Apple iPhone 3GS. Which is probably one the best phones ever made.

I cook, but not very good. I have the intention to learn some proper cooking some day, but i’m not in a hurry with that.

I should probably tell you more about me, but i don’t know what you want to know. So ask me questions. If they’re any good, i’ll answer them.


One Response to About

  1. Kelsey says:

    i also have a mac from 2007 and have yet to encounter any problems. I love MAC!!!!

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